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The ultimate deduction of elegant life



The ultimate deduction of elegant life



The ultimate deduction of elegant life



The ultimate deduction of elegant life


Our company adhere to the "whole process, omnibearing, high quality" service standards, adhering to the "not only to make customers satisfied, but also to let customers move" service standards.

According to the actual situation of consumers, this service is set up on the basis of high standard service, so as to provide comprehensive and considerate service for the customers.

Pre sale service

  • 1. from the professional home consultant to provide customers with a full range of furniture consulting services. Through good communication, combined with the actual situation of the customer, make reasonable and thorough purchase advice to the customer.
  • 2. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, we can investigate and survey the customer environment by our company's designers, and provide a comprehensive and targeted plan for users. Provide the customer with the detailed information and detailed quotation for the customer to respond to the customer's needs at the highest efficiency.

Sale service

  • 1. in strict accordance with the requirements of the order, ensure the smooth implementation of the order.
  • 2. provide delivery to the designated place for the customer, which is installed, tested and cleaned by professional and technical personnel.

After-sale service

  • 1. year warranty, life-long maintenance and warranty, free maintenance, warranty period fee.
  • 2. in the installation and acceptance, used by professionals to explain the product descriptions, with the days after maintenance work.
  • 3. during the warranty period of the product quality, we will send people back regularly to verify the quality of the products and find out the problems in time.

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